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International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development

IOCD call for volunteers

IOCD is currently seeking volunteers for a range of roles. Opportunities include in the areas of:

➤ For more information about IOCD’s volunteering opportunities and how to apply, see here.

Introduction to IOCD

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Funded in 1981 in the UNESCO framework, IOCD's mission is to promote the pursuit and application of the chemical sciences for sustainable, equitable human development and economic growth.

It does so by repositioning chemistry as a science for the benefit of society and promoting the role of the chemical sciences in sustainable development.

IOCD has been involved, and still is, in eductaion programs for students in low-income countries where it has made donation of books, scientific journals, laboratory equipment and chemical products.

IOCD and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United nations: IOCD is committed to working in partnership with others to ensure that chemistry fulfils its potential of contributing to sustainable development. A new orientation, ‘One-World’ Chemistry has been proposed, which recognises the interconnectedness of human, animal and planetary health and embraces the need for chemistry to adopt systems thinking and cross-disciplinary working to tackle the planetary challenges.

IOCD’s action group —Chemists for Sustainability (C4S)— focuses on the roles of chemistry in sustainable development, see here for details. The group has published extensively on aspects of the role and future of the chemical sciences.


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IOCD members are involved in scientific chairs, working groups and projects focused on renewable energies, sustainable electronics, responsible use of materials ... . Low-income countries are involved in these activities.
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Reflection about the role of chemical sciences in developement and in education has led IOCD members to propose new concepts that integrate many facets of the problems under investigation.
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With the support of the Royal Society of Chemistry, IOCD organizes an essay competition entitled "Young Voices in the Chemical Sciences for Sustainability". The competition run globally, with seven winners selected each year on a regional basis.
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Organisation Internationale des Sciences Chimiques pour le Développement
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