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What We Do: Distance Education

Open and distance learning (ODL) in chemistry provides a very flexible, cost-effective approach to delivering technical training, continuing education and high quality source materials that can be quickly, efficiently and cheaply up-dated to keep pace with advances in fast-developing field.
Medicinal Chemistry Distance Training
Responding to the increasing demand for trained medicinal chemists in LMICs in the last few years, a medicinal chemistry distance training programme has been developed and piloted by leading authorities in medicinal chemistry at the University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy. This ODL resource includes four segments (Introduction, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, and Operational Stratagems) and progress through the course is aided by quizzes at short intervals in each section. The course has already been successfully piloted in web-based and CD ROM formats for widespread dissemination.
The IOCD Medicinal Chemistry Distance Training Project is run by Prof. Tom Prisinzano at the School of Pharmacy, University of Kansas.
Organic Chemistry Tutorials - Spanish
An IOCD group in the Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) led by Prof. Carlos Rius has established a series of web-based organic chemistry tutorials online in Spanish, including modules on structure, synthesis, stereochemistry and nomenclature.
Chemistry Education on the Web: the ChemKnowCore Suite
IOCD is developing a new web-based chemistry resource in the form of a suite of inter-connected elements called ChemKnowCore. These include:
  • ChemCourse: includes chemistry virtual textbooks, courses and tutorials: a number of these have already been made available to IOCD and the collection of works is being extended.
  • ChemKnowBase: under construction. Will include:
    • A chemistry dictionary: an on-line chemistry dictionary, based on material that has been under development for several years by Prof. Alain Krief.
    • Chemistry accounts: accounts of work contributed by eminent chemists.
    • Chemistry experiments: a database of chemistry experiments.
    • Chemistry games: exciting and challenging games and puzzles to interest and motivate the learner.
The ChemKnowCore project is being led by IOCD's Executive Director, Prof. Alain Krief. IOCD has established a partnership with Atomicka, a young, innovative IT company in Pondicherry, India led by Devi Shan, who are developing the website structure and functions for ChemKnowCore and its suite of materials. The project collaborators also include Dr. Prathama Mainkar (CSIR, Hyderabad, India) and the ChemAxon Company (Hungary).
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