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What We Do: Micro-Scale Science

The Value of Micro-Scale Approaches to Science
Conducting chemistry experiments using very small scale equipment and tiny amounts of chemicals - especially in chemistry education - is valuable for several reasons:
  • In situations of very limited resources, or where access to equipment or chemicals is very restricted, it makes sense to use a micro-scale approach that minimises both the costs of equipment and chemicals and the quantities of these that need to be delivered. For examples see here.
  • Safety issues, both in the handling and disposal of hazardous substances, are minimised by using a micro-scale approach and are attractive where infrastructures of laboratories and waste disposal are weak.
  • The micro-scale approach accords with the principles of green chemistry and sustainable development, consuming less materials and minimising the generation of potentially toxic products and wastes that require disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.
As highlighted in the description of IOCD's former Global Microscience Project, for many years IOCD has collaborated with partners in promoting the use of micro-scale equipment for teaching chemistry.
New Initiatives in Micro-Scale Science
IOCD is now exploring new avenues for collaboration to catalyse the uptake of micro-scale science approaches in particular countries. The contact person for exploring new initiatives is:

Prof Alain Krief
Executive Director, IOCD
61 rue de Bruxelles
B-5000 Namur, Belgium
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