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International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development

About Us

IOCD's Achievements

IOCD began by recognising why it has been so difficult to pursue chemistry and related sciences in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in the past. By the 1980s, many chemists from LMICs had been, or were being, trained in research in universities in high-income countries, but found it difficult to engage in productive and rewarding careers in research in the growing number of university chemistry departments in their home countries. Common problems included lack of access to funds, laboratory supplies and equipment and difficulty in staying abreast of the latest advances in their fields. IOCD's initial response was a twin track approach of active research support and capacity building, achieved through the operation of its scientific working groups (WGs) and analytical service centres.

Over time, IOCD's strategic approach evolved in tune with the changing landscape, concentrated increasingly on capacity building at institutional and national levels. Since the advent of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, IOCD's orientation now focuses strongly on how the chemical sciences can contribute more effectively to sustainability and equity in global development.

Impact of IOCD

Overall, the impact of IOCD has been to help highlight the importance of the chemical sciences as contributors to development; to raise the profile of the field and its practitioners; to initiate, promote or sustain a number of technical, managerial, policy and collaborative networks and projects advancing chemical sciences in LMICs; and to contribute to vital resources for teaching, learning and research.

IOCD has a strong record of achievement since its foundation in 1981:


Organisation Internationale des Sciences Chimiques pour le Développement
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