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What We Do: Publications

IOCD and its scientists have published a range of papers, reports and brochures over the years, highlighting the work of the organization and the field of the chemical sciences and its role in development. Many of them can be directly accessed or downloaded through the links provided:

Articles in Journals and Magazines

  • S.A. Matlin, G. Mehta, H. Hopf, A. Krief. The role of chemistry in inventing a sustainable future. Nature Chemistry 2015, 7(12), 941-943.
  • S.A. Matlin, G. Mehta, H. Hopf. Chemistry embraced by all. Science 2015, 347, 1179.
  • S.A. Matlin. Scoping the Future of Education in Chemistry. Chemistry International 2014, 36(4) 28-30.
  • S.A. Matlin. IOCD: Chemical sciences in development. Chemistry International 2013, 35(1), 8-11.
  • S.A. Matlin. IOCD : Looking to the Future Role of the Chemical Sciences in Development. Chimie Nouvelle October 2012, 111, 5-8.
  • V. Köster. J.-M. Lehn and A. Krief on Science and Responsibility. ChemistryViews 5 June 2012.
  • S.A. Matlin, B.M. Abegaz. Chemistry for Development. In: J. Garcia-Martinez, E. Serrano-Torregrosa (Eds), The Chemical Element: Chemistry's Contribution to Our Global Future, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2011, Chapter 1, 1-70.
  • R. Maybury, W. Benson, W. Moore. Standardization of Analytical Approaches and Analytical Capacity-Building in Africa. Chemistry International 2006, 28(6), 17-19.
  • J.-M. Lehn, E.R. Blout, R.H. Maybury. IOCD: 20 Years of Building Capacity in Chemistry in Developing Countries. Chemistry International 2002, 24(3).
  • M.J. Cosentino, S.A. Matlin. Pharmacological developments in male contraception. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs 1997, 6, 635-653.
  • G.T. Seaborg, An international effort in chemical science. Science 1984, 223, 9.
  • D.A. O'Sullivan, Group to use chemistry to solve developing countries' ills, Chem. and Eng. News 1983, 21-24.
  • P. Crabbé, A new challenge for the university, Interciencia, 1983, 8, 279.
  • P. Crabbé, L. Cardyn. The time for another world, University Printing Services, Columbia Missouri. 1983, 70pp.

Working papers, articles and press statements published by IOCD

  • S. A. Matlin. The Contribution of the Chemical Sciences to Global Progress: Achievements, Prospects and Challenges. Paper presented at Gordon Conference on Chemistry Education Research & Practice: Chemistry Education as an Agent in Global Progress. Bates College, Lewiston ME, USA, 21-26 June 2015. Namur: International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development, 2015, 11pp.
  • IOCD Launches Working Group on Materials for Energy Conversion, Saving and Storage (MATECSS). Press Statement. Namur: IOCD 26 March 2013, 2pp.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between IOCD and the African Academy of Sciences. AAS-IOCD Press Statement: 16 August 2012, 1pp.
  • S.A. Matlin. New challenges in the chemical sciences for development. Paper presented at the Joint NARC-IOCD International Symposium and Public Seminar, ‘Chemical Development: Chemistry, a Crossway Towards Interdisciplinary Science’, Namur, Belgium, 5 July 2012, 8pp.
  • S.A. Matlin. Meeting Report: Joint NARC-IOCD International Symposium and Public Seminar, ‘Chemical Development: Chemistry, a Crossway Towards Interdisciplinary Science’, Namur, Belgium, 5 July 2012, 2pp.
  • S.A. Matlin. Globalization and development: The critical role of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. Keynote Paper at the 23rd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (23PBA), João Pessoa, Brazil, 9-12 October 2011.
  • S.A. Matlin. Pierre Crabbé Memorial Oration. Delivered during the opening of the First Asian and Oceanic Congress of Andrology, 9-12 November 1992, Nanjing, China. IOCD 1992, 5pp.

IOCD Brochures

Brochures outlining IOCD's evolving activities and strategies:
  • IOCD: Organization Outline and Strategy 2016-2020. Namur, IOCD September 2015, 8pp.
  • Promoting the chemical sciences for sustainable human development and economic growth. IOCD: Organization Outline and Strategy. Namur, IOCD May 2014, 8pp.
  • Current Activities of IOCD Working Groups and Projects, 2014-15. Namur, IOCD November 2014, 2pp.
Other brochures:
  • The Ishango Bone: An enduring symbol of mankind's intellectual progress and a star of archaeology from the heart of Africa. Namur, IOCD 2015, 4pp.
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