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Chemical Sciences in Development

What We Do: Strategy 2023-2025

IOCD builds on over four decades of achievement in promoting the chemical sciences for sustainable, equitable human development and economic growth. We seek to help build capacity in the chemical sciences; and to collaborate with other organizations to advance sustainable development globally through strengthening education, research and practice in the chemical sciences.
IOCD's objectives are to champion the achievement of the multiple potentials of chemistry to serve as a creative fundamental science; as a central science contributing to developments in adjacent sciences; as a source of highly valuable applications; and as a science that can contribute to solving major global challenges including sustainability.

IOCD's Strategy 2023-2025

The focus of IOCD's work in the period is on promoting the chemical sciences for development and especially for global sustainability.
IOCD fosters and highlights the contributions that the chemical sciences can make, in education, research and practice, to sustainable, equitable human development and to tackling emerging global challenges, including those contained in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    Across all IOCD's areas of work, IOCD undertakes the promotion of:
    • the chemical sciences for sustainable, equitable development
    • equity, diversity and inclusion in the sciences
    • an ethical approach based on the principles of ‘one-world’ chemistry
    • systems thinking
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